Frequently Asked Questions

Dodeus is a domain sale based service. You can search and buy domains of your choosing if the domain is available. You can also sell domains in Dodeus. Most of the buy-sell activities happen through auctions and people can bid on domain names for Domain names on offer.
You can check out for domains and even search for domains of your choosing using the Dodeus domain search bar. You can sign up as a buyer to Dodeus and enter the auctions, make offers and buy your domains accordingly.
In order to sell Domains on Dodeus you have to sign up as a seller first. After being authorized by the Dodeus team you can enter your domain into the auction and set starting offers. After that the auction will happen and the domain can be sold there.
You can search for Domains with Dodeus domain search. You can find the search bar on the homepage front and center. There are also links on the bottom of the page. You can type in your search query and results will take you to domain auctions if your searched domain is available.
There are some Domain types you can find on Dodeus. Currently the .com and .xyz domains are available on Dodeus.
The Top domains in Dodeus are of business categories and shop categories. These are mostly .com extension domains. There are also some scattered .xyz domains in the top category range.
There are many categories of domain names in Dodeus. There are business, shops, education, ecommerce, Movie, Agency, Technology and more related domains available in Dodeus.
There are multiple shop category domains in Dodeus. They are mostly with .com extensions. Dodeus top rated domains are included in the shop category.
There are business type domains in Dodeus. The current business type domains are with .com extensions. Business type domains are also among the top domains in Dodeus.
Dodeus is mainly an auction oriented Domain service. Users either sign up as a buyer or a seller. The seller puts up his/her domains in Dodeus for sale an a base offer is determined. The buyers then enter auctions and make offers like a normal auction online. The best offers usually can buy the domains on auction.
You can monitor how the auctions are going in Dodeus. Currently you can view auction happenings on the Dodeus site. You can sign up as a seller to monitor while buyers take part in the auction and see for themselves.
You can sign up as a seller if you want to sell your domains on Dodeus. Then put up your domain for auction. If you are a buyer then sign up as a buyer and make offer or bid for available domain names. The best offers can buy the domain.
You can easily monitor views and bids if you sign up as a buyer/seller on Dodeus. You can find domains on the homepage and if you click buy domains you can see a list of available domains. There will be bids and offer information on the table with domains.
You can sell domains for multiple sites on Dodeus. You just need to sign up as a seller and you can sell multiple site domains at different times in Dodeus.
There is no free domains in Dodeus. you can sign up as a buyer and buy domains in Dodeus through auctions. But signing up as a seller and putting domains up for sale is free. You can also subscribe to email updates about available domains and other developments by subscribing for updates with an email address.
Dodeus will take 10% from seller.
If domain is transferred, then Buyer will bear the transfer cost.